Winter can be long in Nova Scotia and I have found that the only way to truly enjoy it, is to embrace it by getting out and trying new activities. We’ve always been into skating and skiing but snowshoeing is a new one for us. We tried it a few years ago and it is brilliant fun and quite the workout.

Halifax is chock-a-block with great snowshoeing trails, you’ve just got to know where they are.

And even if you don’t own snowshoes, don’t worry….you can rent them at MEC (kids’ and adults) for a very reasonable price and you can book the rentals online. You can also check out Hike Nova Scotia’s awesome list of where you can find snowshoes to buy or rent in the Halifax area —->

We have had great success in renting snowshoes from our local HRM Community Recreation Centre in Fall River. You may have to try a few pairs on to get the right sizing if it’s your first time using snowshoes, but you can borrow them for the day and sometimes longer (depending on availability).

Here’s a list of some of the best places to enjoy snowshoeing this winter: (source:

 1 – Halifax Common

If you are a beginner and are looking to try snowshoeing close to home, try the flat terrain of the Halifax Common.

For those without their own pair of snowshoes, the Halifax Regional Musicipality offers free equipment rentals at the Emera Oval during public skate times throughout the winter, including helmets, hockey skates, figure skates, speed skates, sledges and snowshoes. Be sure to bring your government issued photo ID to borrow equipment!

Skating on the Emera Oval

2 – Shubie Park

Located on the north side of Lake Micmac in Dartmouth, Shubie Park is a 16-hectare urban park that’s perfect for snowshoeing.

Three main routes are found in the park: Trans Canada Trail, park walking trails and off-leash dog walking trails. Pick your route accordingly and expect to see plenty of people.

Local Tip: If a quiet snowshoeing experience is what you are looking for, time your visit with fresh snowfall before the public hits the trails!

Winter in Shubie Park

3 – Sir Sandford Fleming Park

Ideal for multiple skill levels and snowshoeing abilities, Sir Sandford Fleming Park is a well-maintained park for winter activity.

Located along Purcells Cove Road, Fleming Park has route options that will bring you to the Northwest Arm, Dingle Tower, through the forest, and along the well-known Frog Pond Trail.

The Dingle Tower in Sir Sandford Fleming Park

4 – The Buff Wilderness Hiking Trail

Found south of Highway 103 near Timberlea, the The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail is a popular hiking trail located on Crown Land.

There are plenty of visual rewards along this route with views of protected forest, waterways and rock faces.

Although multiple trail options and distances are available, proceed with caution as this trail is not for the inexperienced.

5 – MacDonald Sports Park

Found in Waverley along Lake Thomas, MacDonald Sports Park is a multipurpose park with lake frontage, open fields and natural forests.

Almost 5km of trails are available to explore with plenty of opportunity to stop and rest at picnic areas.

This is a popular park for cross country skiers, so expect to share the trails when snowshoeing.

brunello links golf course

6 – Any of the Golf Courses in Halifax

We are very fortunate that these local golf courses transform into a winter wonderland for public use. Ashburn Golf Club, New Ashburn Golf Club and the Links at Brunello are all excellent places to get the hang of snowshoeing. With miles of hiking trails and easy access, this has always been a popular choice for beginner snowshoeing.

I hope this helps give you an idea of what is available here in Halifax. We love trying new activities as it really helps embrace winter and make it more enjoyable!

Have fun snowshoeing this winter!