My 5 Favourite Things to Do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Richard Payne
Published on September 13, 2019

My 5 Favourite Things to Do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is one of those Cities that may not be on the top of your list to visit but when you do, you will be hooked. We have lived here for over 13 years, yet it never featured highly on our original move-to destinations.

There is however, something very magical about this place and those that have moved here from another Canadian province or another country will completely understand.

Whilst there is an absolute ton of things to do and see within Halifax, for the purpose of today’s BLOG post, I’m going to focus on just five of my favourite things to do.

**Please bear in mind that due to COVID 19 restrictions, a lot of these events will be postponed, but fingers crossed things start to resume normality very soon. **

First up, has go to be a visit to the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market in downtown Halifax. It’s in a great waterfront location with plenty of parking (free on weekends). It’s open daily from 10am-5pm with limited vendors, but Saturday is by far my favourite time to visit with my family. It has such a great vibe and the smells are incredible. There are so many vendors, selling such a unique array of goods; everything from fresh farm food to woodwork to delicious prepared food and bakes. Check it out here

Rooftop patio at the Halifax Farmer’s Market

My one suggestion is to make sure you have plenty of cash with you because you will be surprised at how many awesome products you’ll discover. And, don’t forget to grab some lunch and head to the rooftop patio to enjoy views over the harbour.

Here’s a little more information for you to check out yourself.

Craft Beer : With more craft breweries per capita than any other province, no matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you aren’t far from world class craft beer. will give you an idea of how many breweries there are here.

Halifax has some of the best craft breweries in my opinion. We are really spoilt for choice with a great selection of local ingredients and an array of beer styles. My personal favourite is Nine Locks Brewing Company, a small family run company that is spot on when it comes to brewing beer. They have a great selection of cool swag that you can browse while having your growlers filled and taste testing a new beer or two. Their accessible location is pretty great too, right next to Mic Mac Tavern. Check this place out for yourself (if you are a beer drinker that is 😉

Following on nicely from my love of beer, is my love of good food and we have plenty of fantastic restaurants and eateries to choose from here in Halifax. My absolute two favourites, (I’ve tried to choose just one but I really can’t) is Two Doors Down and Chives (our special occasion restaurant). They are both owned by Chef Craig Flynn and the food, drinks and service is always superb. Both are located next to one another on Barrington Street, right in the heart of downtown Halifax. There is a second location that just opened up in Dartmouth Crossing. Again, right now due to covid-19 restrictions it is take out only but hopefully we will be back eating there pretty soon!

I have recommended Two Doors Down to those asking for great places to eat and they have not been disappointed. And, Jane and I absolutely love Chives for a special occasion dinner.

You may have your own special favourite restaurant, like I mentioned earlier, we have plenty to choose from but for anyone wanting rewarding, delicious, unpretentious food made from scratch with great attention to detail, you can’t go wrong with TDD or Chives.

Point Pleasant Park: Right in the heart of the South-end of Halifax is this glorious 75-hectare wooded park crisscrossed with 39 km of easy winding trails and wide paths, many wheelchair-accessible. Halifax rents the site from the British Government for 1 shilling (about 10 cents) a year, with a 999-year lease. 

Beautiful Point Pleasant Park in the heart of South-end Halifax

This is as close as you will get to NYC’s Central Park as it’s a beautiful park with endless, well kept trails and stunning views of Halifax Harbour and the North West Arm. You can also visit several old war bunkers and monuments. This Halifax park is always bustling and really comes alive in the summer with open air theatre (Shakespeare by the Sea which I highly recommend) and an abundance of off leash dog walking trails (which we love). You definitely won’t be disappointed if you choose to take a trip to this South end Halifax park.

The Halifax Waterfront: At just over four kilometres, the Halifax Harbourwalk is one of the world’s longest continuous boardwalks. There’s nothing nicer than a stroll along the waterfront taking in the scenic water views, the floating dock/sea bridge, the bustling port activity, wrestling with the kids on a waterfront hammock and stopping for lunch at the Stubborn Goat beer garden (try and get a table on the upper level, as the views are pretty amazing).

From here, you can also join a harbour tour, go whale watching, or head to McNabs Island. You can easily while away the hours just strolling along the engaging Halifax waterfront.

These may not be the most exciting things for a tourist to do, but they are my favourite things to do in Halifax and five of the things that helped make Halifax a perfect place to call home.

What’s your favourite thing to do or see in Halifax?


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