How to Get Your Halifax Home Ready to Sell

Richard Payne
Published on April 27, 2020

How to Get Your Halifax Home Ready to Sell

If you are waiting to list your Halifax home on the market, there are several things that you can do right now to get your home prepped for when you finally feel ready to sell. You don’t even need to head to the store to do most of these tasks!

Use the time you have now to get your Halifax home in tip top shape for the real estate market with these easy DIY projects. You will be thankful to have the tasks crossed off the list when you are trying to sell your home this Spring.

  1. Do a Deep Clean: Most of us are using this time to disinfect all high contact surfaces. But, in order to get your home fully ready for sale, you need to clean all of those hard to reach places. Clean off all baseboards and vents. Remove clutter from bathroom drawers before wiping them down and wipe down the outside of the cabinets.
  2. Make It Organized: Now is the perfect time to really go through all of your possessions and get rid of the items that you do not use. Organize the items you are keeping and rearrange your closet space to make it tidier. Make the entry way of your home less cluttered and more inviting.
  3. Clean Your Carpets: Depending how much carpet you have through your home, it’s always a great idea to get them cleaned before putting your Halifax home on the market. You can either rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local hardware store (Home Depot or Canadian Tire offer reasonable rates on really good carpet cleaners).
  4. Touch Up The Walls: You can instantly freshen up your Halifax home by focusing on the walls. Grab that spare paint or invest in a nice neutral palette and touch up the interior walls in your house that need it.
  5. Eliminate Busy-ness: Since it is important to depersonalize your Halifax home when staging it to sell, consider swapping out photos and personalized frames now so you are ready to list your home at a moments notice.
  6. Brighten It Up: An often overlooked but fundamental aspect of design is lighting. Great lighting can instantly make a home more welcoming and cozy. Wash your curtains and blinds and make sure all windows are free of smudges. Replace light bulbs as necessary and wipe down all lamps and shades. To make the space of your Halifax home more appealing, you could change out some pillows, throws, and rugs to make things a little more neutral, calm-feeling, and easy for the eyes to take in.
  7. Tackle The Kitchen: Make your kitchen more functional and organized by cleaning out the fridge and wiping down all interior shelving. Empty out the cabinets and pantry to reorganize and wipe down. Keep all cabinet, drawers and closets neat and tidy.
  8. Clear off surfaces: You can help make your space look uncluttered and as large as possible by removing everything from the tops of nightstands, dressers and desks as well as clearing your kitchen and bathroom counters.
  9. Clean Up The Yard: The outside of your Halifax home needs to look just as tidy as the inside. Sweep off all surfaces, especially the steps and patio. Give your outdoor furniture a much needed washing. Go through your planters to remove debris, wash the outer surfaces, and prep for plants. Now is a great time to start putting together some hanging baskets or planter pots.
  10. And finally...this is a really good tip if you ever need to get out of your Halifax home quickly for a showing. Keep a laundry basket handy for extras. Anything that doesn’t have a home or is often laying around and looking out of place, pop it in the laundry basket as you do a quick final sweep of the house before a viewing. Pop it into your car and you are good to go. I know quite a few people who have found this tip invaluable.

Along with prepping your home with these easy maintenance tasks, get ready for selling by finding out what your home is worth. When you are ready to enter the Halifax real estate market and it’s the right time to sell your home, I’m here to help!

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