7 Signs it’s time to upsize your Halifax home

Richard Payne
Published on February 10, 2020

7 Signs it’s time to upsize your Halifax home


You might really adore your current home and all the memories it holds, but there comes a time when you just have to move to something bigger.

When you moved into your home a few years back, things looked a little different – or maybe a lot different! Now that your situation has changed, it might be time to upsize and move to a bigger home.

So, what are the signs that it’s time to upsize?

1. Your family is growing

Your family used to consist of just you and your partner, but baby will soon make three, or four or more.

How about your parents — will you be looking to have them move in at some point?

If any of these are among your reasons to upsize, you may also want to consider that in your Halifax home buying process, and save yourself the hassle of moving again in a few years.

  2. You’re feeling cramped

It’s one thing for the children to share a room when they’re really small, but at a certain point, they’ll likely want their own space. And in no time at all they will become teenagers where they will crave a quiet place to study and to listen to the kind of music that only teenagers can love 😉

Do you work from home, or are you planning to in the future?

Deciding to upsize to a bigger Halifax home gives everyone the space they deserve. The kids will have space to play and amuse themselves, giving you some well-deserved space to do your thing.

3. Your Halifax home feels cluttered

You’ve accumulated a mountain of stuff and even after an intense decluttering session, you still don’t have enough storage.

It’s not just people that can cause a home to feel cramped, it’s belongings as well. We tend to pick up more possessions as the years go by, and a small house may not be the best home for them.  

An upsize to a larger Halifax home will have more space for storage. As your family grows, so will the amount of belongings you have, so you’ll be needing space to keep all of your things in order.  

4. You want room for a furry friend

You want to spread the love in your family and have a dog, and you’d love an outdoor room, but your current home doesn’t have a big enough backyard.

You could decide to upsize for a pet, or to have a spacious outdoor entertaining area with room for a pool, or a yard for the kids to play.

5. You can afford a new home

Before you go ahead with initiating the upsize and move to a new Halifax home, make sure you can afford not only the ability to move up, but also that you can still maintain your lifestyle.

Also, it’s a good idea to check out the current Halifax market. If it looks like a good time to buy, and interest rates are low and your finances are in good shape, then it could be a time to seize the opportunity to upsize and move.

6. You want to be able to entertain

Often, first homes are just about big enough for your lifestyle, and don’t have much space for entertaining. So, if you’ve started to crave a Halifax home that you’d feel happy bringing guests into, it might be time for an upsize.

Larger homes will have space for entertaining, and maybe even a spare bedroom so that you can invite friends or family members to stay.  

You’ll also have more space to throw birthday parties for the kids, or organise playdates. An upsize to a bigger Halifax home means you can unleash your social side.  

7. You want to live in a better location

Being in the right neighbourhood becomes vital when planning for your family’s future.

If you’re planning an upsize and a move, think about access to Halifax schools, transportation, local shopping and your workplace.

If you’re already feeling like your current location isn’t right for you anymore, it can be a good time to make the decision not just to move, but to upsize.  

So what are you waiting for?

Thinking of upsizing soon? Want help selling your first Halifax home and buying your second? I can help ensure that the process is smooth. 

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