Connecting Buyers and Sellers for a Perfect Match

Richard Payne
Richard Payne
Published on April 26, 2018

Hey everyone,

We are currently working with several families from the UK making the move across the pond to start a new life here in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. It gives me great pleasure helping them find the home and neighbourhood of their dreams.

Not only does it mean I get to work with these families, I am also in a unique position to be able to help my sellers too, by matching my UK buyers with their Halifax homes for sale.

The listings that I personally take on are often perfect homes for new families moving here. As a British ex-pat myself, I (more often than not ;)know exactly what British families are looking for in a home so try to dig deep and match my buyers to my sellers where possible.

As buying a home is one of the biggest and potentially time-consuming decisions many people will ever make, I’m confident my role as a Matchmaker will be a huge convenience and make the buying process extremely streamlined on both sides.

There are significant advantages for sellers too. Instead of worrying whether your home will sell, this matchmaking service offers you a drama free strategy to get you off the emotional thrill ride of selling your home.

Your home will be co-ordinated with my clients wants, needs and must-haves and if there’s a match, your home will be given first priority to view. And the really great advantage for sellers is that these families have already sold their UK homes and have financing in place to move quickly. Plus there is no real estate chain holding the sale up.

So much of the drama of selling a home is the sense of helplessness. It can feel like you’re at the whim of the market and every prospective buyer.

Not so — in fact, you have a huge amount of power to control the outcome of your home selling experience. Using this Matchmaking Service, you can actually make the decisions that have the most impact on whether your home sells, how fast it sells and what price you get for it.

 Why not control how your home is marketed, by picking an Agent that can offer you a strong marketing plan and has demonstrated success attracting buyers in your area and selling homes.

You have a lot more power over the sale of your home than you thought. Use it wisely!

If you are thinking of selling your Halifax home and are not currently working with a Realtor or Real Estate Team, please get in touch to chat to see how we can make this work for you.











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